DIY phosphate reactor for £27

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DIY phosphate reactor for £27

Post  phantom on Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:22 pm

so what you need for this is

2 x bent tank connectors these cost about £3 in homebase, get push connectors as speedfit have metal teeth
1 x sports drink bottle (tesco) £2
1 meter of 16/22 eheim pipe and flow tap ebay £6
1 x pump,I got a maxi-jet from ebay for £14 go for a pump around 1000lph as this will work if you ever upgrade
1 x sponge £2
1 x hole cutter (ok you might need to buy this but its a widely used tool)
battery drill

so the easy bit, drill a hole in each end of the bottle with the hole cutter and install the bent tank connectors
now hook 1/4 meter of hose from the pump to the flow tap and then 1/4 meter from the tap to the bottom of
the use the last 1/2 meter of hose to got from the top of the bottle to the tank (return).

now just put your rowaphos into the bottle then a sponge above it so that none
can get into your tank and there you have it.
the best bit is when you want to upgrade to a larger tank and reactor you
have everything you need for the new reactor.
I used this set up for ages and it worked,I am now upgrading to got
a reactor that is rated for a 600ltr tank and the pump and pipe
all works just fine on it.
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