Welcome to reek keepers northern ireland

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Welcome to reek keepers northern ireland

Post  reefkeepersni on Tue May 17, 2011 12:57 am

Hi and welcome to reef keepers northern ireland

Why should I join this reef forum when northern ireland already has reef forums and clubs?
* This forum has been created to offer maximium learning and enjoyment with minimium fuss and fighting.
* Unlike any other reef forum in northern ireland, we offer free advertising for any member and there is no membership fee to join.
* Here at reefkeepersni we believe the way to advance in the hobby is to help each other and share knowledge instead of trying to compete for who has the best reef tank.
* We don't charge a membership as we dont need to and hopefully with everyone help the forum and club can only grow bigger and bigger.
* If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them on the forum or email admin at reefkeepersni@hotmail.co.uk
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