My new system ideas

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My new system ideas

Post  reefkeepersni on Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:28 pm

As I have gained a lot of knowledge and insight to some stunning reef tanks I will be starting another project at some point this year but will be staying with the 4x2x2 size and perhaps even use my current tank as a sump or Trigger tank.

Due to the high running costs of metal halides I think I may go for a 8x54w T5 setup but im not sure at this point.
If I stay with the Halides I will put 10k BLV's in and probally 4x54w (Aqua Blue Plus)

In the sump I plan to have a with cheato and a Deep sand bed (DSB) with I will uses 2 T5's to reverse light.

I think a may also run Bio Pearls instead of rowaphos (not sure yet) and will run activated carbon monthly.

The food I will be hoping to feed are as follows: Red plankton, lobster eggs, rotifers, cyclo-peeze, pro coral zzoton, brineshrimp, mysis, daphnia, bloodworm.

I will also be using calcium, Magnesium and Bi Carb, and Grotech Trace ABC, strontium addition.
I will also use something like Seachem reef dip for all new corals/frags.

Tank plans to follows Smile
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