Tank stand failure and rebuild

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Tank stand failure and rebuild

Post  phantom on Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:54 am

so came down one morning and something didnt
look right with the unit the tank
was on so had a closer look and it seemed the new rock I had put in the tank
was just too much for the unit to hold

so first thing was get the rock into a drum....this was such a downer as the tank had been
running for a while and I thought there was no more work to do.

so the zoa's, christmas,tree worms and leathers went to the sump and the rest stayed in what was left of the tank

so after that it was time to make another stand,
this one wasnt going to fail like the last one

basically used 12 meters of 75mm x 40mm planks
and one sheet of 20mm thick mdf.the whole lot cost £26
then make two rectangle shapes 1 1/2ft x 3ft like this

one with a center divider and one without.
then just join them together with planks 3ft in
length and you will have a frame like this..

view from front

view from rear

now just measure the sides and top and go buy the mdf
from B&Q, they will cut the sheet into the sizes you need.
first three cuts are free.
easy made but does the trick.

this is it finished but need to add a lick of paint and some other decorative bits.

made the stand larger than I needed for my next upgrade (thinking ahead lol)
and the lesson....well plan ahead and dont rush your tank set ups even if like me
its your first. all part of the learning curve eh lol.
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Re: Tank stand failure and rebuild

Post  reefkeepersni on Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:56 am

Excellent post Phantom Smile
I've learned both with my 1st tank and now my current 4x2x2 that as your knowledge grows you realise there are better ways of doing things to make life easier.
I will get my tank thread up soon Smile
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